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Mimbreno China Seconds


They may be seconds, but you'll get the same lasting serviceability and beauty you've come to expect from Pipestone.

Our seconds include items that have very minor flaws in the glaze or decal and while they cannot be sold as first quality,
they are still quality Pipestone products that will last for years. All seconds are available at 30% off the full retail price.

We are sorry, but the free shipping and 10% off does not apply to seconds.

Since seconds are unpredictable in the manufacturing process, there is no set inventory. We can only make this offer on a first come, first serve basis.   

We are unable to have these items available to order on the website, but below is a list of the items that we currently have in stock.

Check back often to see our ever-changing list of items in inventory.

Also, please note that all sales are final and we will be unable to accept returns on any of our seconds.

Hurry and order your share of the big savings today by giving us a call at 505-983-6080 or send us an email at

Seconds available in black:
Buffet plate – 1 in stock
Dinner plate - 1 in stock
Salad plate – 1 in stock
Bread plate - 1 in stock 

Cup & saucer – 3 cups and 1 saucer in stock
Sugar bowl – 1 in stock
9 1/2" platter – 11 in stock
Standard mug – 2 parrots in stock
Latte cup – 1 in stock
4” tile – 1 turtle in stock
6" tile – 2 cranes, 7 horned toads, 3 parrots and 6 prairie chickens in stock
Pepper shakers only – 2 in stock
Teapot – 1 in stock

Seconds available in red:
Buffet plate – 13 in stock
Bread plate – 16 in stock
Dinner plate – 3 in stock

Cereal bowl – 3 in stock
Cup & saucer – 5 cups and 2 saucers in stock
Fruit dish – 18 in stock
Sugar bowl – 2 in stock (1 without lid)
Diner mug – 1 turtle in stock
4” tile – 1 crane in stock
12” platter – 1 in stock
9” platter – 7 in stock

Chili bowl – 1 in stock


We also have 3 saucers from our cup & saucer set and 1 saucer from our demitasse set available in the old burgundy.



Last updated 7/1/19

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