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Dixon Medium Hot Red Chile Powder

Product Reviews

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Dixon Chili is the best
Guy DiFonzo (Port Saint Lucie, FL) 1/19/2024 10:09 AM
I previously got my Dixon Red Chili powder from my brother in law who grew his own chili on his Dixon farm. Sadly he has passed on and I no longer was able to stock up on each visit from back east. But the Dixon Medium chili at the chili shop is the best replacement that I've found. It's my secret weapon in all my chili dishes. Its flavor and aroma is true northern New Mexican. I won't use anything else.
chili powder
JOANNE GRIM (Gladstone, OR) 1/13/2022 4:35 PM
the best there is! would not think of going anywhere else. my family have been coming here since there opened. everything is so good. love pig boy willy, thank you.
The BOMB Chile. May be the best you'll ever get
Matt (Maryland :( ) 7/1/2021 5:06 PM
Around 8 years ago I was traveling in the area for work, and we got an evening off. While we walked around town I saw the Chile Shop and said "We HAVE to go in". Man, I am so glad I did, it changed my culinary life forever. I was in wonder at the products and started talking with the gentleman at the register who said "try this" and brought out a bag of chile for me to smell. OMG. It was amazing. Earthy. Nuanced. Bold. SO FRESH it hit my nose like I was on the farm harvesting the chiles myself ... and then he told me that bag was a year old. I was instantly sold and brought back 2 pounds and they became a constant part of my cooking life; in brisket rubs, pork rubs, in chili, in tex-mex and trad mex dishes, in anything that called for chile. My son sprinkled some (a lot, actually) into morning pancakes as an April Fools prank one year cementing it as a staple in our cupboard. I put 3 tablespoons into the cylinder of a 1967 Tecumseh flat head and it started right up. Ok, that last line was a lie, but my point is that this chile is a winner; it stays fresh and bold forever, a nice earthy almost smoky aroma without the explicit smokiness of say a chipotle, fantastic pepper flavor and not even too hot. If you're a chile head born in the wrong state like me, order this and prepare to be transported to the Southwest. Also, not a bad flex ... yeah, I get my chiles flown in from New Mexico because I'm not a McCormick eating peasant.
We feel rich!
Rose White (Berea, KY) 11/21/2019 7:53 PM
We feel wealthy, no matter what the bank says, with a couple (or three) pounds of Dixon Chile in our freezer, and on our burritos. A bean and cheese burrito smothered with Dixon red chile is what makes my homesick husband happy.
LOVED IT!!! A taste of Home in NorCal.
Thomas Esteves (West Sacramento, CA) 9/16/2019 8:54 AM
AZ native who's been living in Northern California since 2014. I have been so wanting a real taste of home. As some may know, a lot of AZ Southwest cuisine takes from New Mexico concepts, plus, I've been to New Mexico on numerous occasions. NOWHERE up here can I find anything the satisfies those flavors. My girlfriend just brought this home as a surprise gift from her Santa Fe girls trip. This had to have been one of the best gifts ever. Just made some pulled and shredded chicken enchiladas (both white and dark meet) with cheddar, jack and Casero Queso Fresco stuffed inside of Corn Tortillas with the chicken. Topped with the same 3 cheeses, cilantro, green onions and black olives. MAN!!! These were some of the best I've made and this chili powder tasted exactly like I remember even from my visits to NM. Never again will I attempt to find good enchiladas up here in Nor Cal as I can just make them myself. So thank you for having this available online. I've just joined your site and will be making more purchases.
Jeanne Elizardi (Metairie, LA) 6/29/2014 9:41 AM
We have been ordering this chile ever since our first visit to the Chile Shop in the '80's. We can't live without it and have gotten many others hooked on it, too. It has just enough heat but not too much and give a wonderful flavor. Grilling salmon with a coat of dixon after marinating it for a few minutes in orange juice or lemon juice is just incredible. I use it whenever anything calls for any kind of chile seasoning. I also use Tony's Seasoning on the salmon, too. Tony's is another incredible Creole seasoning you shouldn't live without!
Can't live without it
John Gubbins (Littleton, CO) 10/31/2013 3:48 PM
I've been buying this chile powder since the '80s. It has the flavor of NM. Too bad you guys don't have Chimayo. This is close though. It is versatile and doesn't usually bother the non chile heads. I'm here to order some more. The Nambe is excellent, too.
Mary (Chicago, IL) 4/20/2013 10:46 PM
I love this chili powder far too much! I always keep some on hand, at work, and anywhere else I might find myself eating. Just enough kick to make your nose run, but never so much that it masks the flavor of what it's on or itself. It's crazy tasty and you can pile it on for more kick, flavor, and pure pleasure.
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